Are you prepared for Faisalabad's most significant real estate projects this year?  These projects will change the fate and living of Faisalabad.     


The Faisalabad Realtors will showcase the best  residential and commercial real estate     developments in Faisalabad and other cities, giving potential homebuyers and investors a chance to profit from Pakistan's high-yielding real estate sector. Visitors will also have the option to engage in one-on-one conversations with industry experts and learn about the newest trends in the real estate sector.     


Do you need help with real estate? Faisalabad Realtors are your one-stop solution . Now, look at the outstanding projects of 2023 that will be the most beautiful projects in the history of Faisalabad.     


Premium real estate projects     


The term "real estate project" refers to the development of a building or a building consisting of apartments, the conversion of an existing building or a portion thereof into apartments. Or the development of land into plots for sale in Faisalabad or apartments, with the intention of selling all or a portion of the said apartments, plots, buildings, or buildings consisting of apartments, as the case may be. In this article, we will be discussing the following best real estate projects in Faisalabad.     





Grand City Faisalabad    

After delivering two projects in other cities Grand city is launching a new project in Faisalabad. Grand city Arif Wala and Grand city Kharian was a most beautiful project delivered in a brief period of time.     

When we see Grand city’s projects their long-lasting structure and graceful designs meet the international standard of living. As with their other projects, this project will also be a great addition to Faisalabad.     

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-02 at 2.10.06 AM

This project is located on Sargodha road, making it more appealing and attractive. Due to its location, it will also become the center of commercial activities in the future. This project is going to be one of the best projects in Faisalabad. Grand City will continue to inspire and excite us with its stunning designs like its other projects.     

Real estate development has been at the forefront of Grand City.     

To provide their residents with a sense of safety, privacy, and peace of mind. They are seeking a gated community located seek a gated community in the countryside.     

The impeccable standards set by Grand City in the real estate industry have become the benchmark for the industry as a whole. We are proud of what Grand City has accomplished over the past twenty years. Even more proud of what's coming.     

Characteristics of Grand City     


  • Underground electricity     


  • 160 feet of main roads     


  • Safari park     


  • Rainbow park     


  • Zipline     


  • School     


  • Hospital     


  • Grand masjid     


  • Public park     


  • Commercial market     


  • Community center     


  • Basketball court     


  • Tennis ball court     


  • Water treatment plant     


This project is not only giving an international level of living standard but also a great opportunity for investors. Even a person with a minimum budget can start investing in this project.     

Jade Square Faisalabad     

This project, designed by Goldfinch Construction Pvt Ltd, combines the cosmopolitan character of Faisalabad with contemporary architecture.     


Jade square will provide a variety of sports and relaxation options available right outside your new home. Jade Square puts the best expertise into every project. As a Developing company, they strive to be the best in the industry. Jade square will provide entertainment along with high-quality and functional apartments, public areas, and transportation.     

There will be spacious, bright condominium homes with sweeping views at Jade square. The concept of Jade Square is inspired by futuristic structures and deciding which ones you wish to live, eat, or shop in. An international team of designers considered every detail. Jade square is also a great investment opportunity in Faisalabad.  Jade Square is providing the following opportunities in Faisalabad:     

Shopping Mall     


Fine Dining Restaurants     


Recreational Entertainment Centers     



Faisalabad Commercial market Madina town     

There is no doubt that Faisalabad is, at its core, an industrial city. Modernization has been carried out in recent years to make the metropolis compete with its neighbors Pakistan's most developed cities. Faisalabad Commercial Market will allow residents to conduct business in a residential area.  And will attract the flow of people to the area, as such a large industrial and trade volume changes hands daily.     


In this project with a total land area of 85 Canals, investors can buy ready-to-build commercial plots sized between 1 and 5 marlas. As the relevant authorities have already approved the project, the construction work will be carried out at a rapid pace as well.     


The Faisalabad  Commercial Market Madina Town is the new commercial hub that’s surrounded by the industrial area. This will be the first commercial project of its kind in the area, and the developers expect a good return on investment. Additionally, the project has been launched by a reputable development company with a proven track record of delivering reliable and successful projects. The commercial plots in this project are available on an easy payment plan spanning a period of 2+ years.     

Faisalabad realtors is providing the best services regarding buying and selling property in Faisalabad . If you want to invest in real estate in Faisalabad check out our projects. If you need any further help  contact us or visit our office in Faisalabad     

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