Water Supply and Sewerage Connection Rules: Following FDA Faisalabad Regulations (Updated to 2024)

The Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA) is essential to maintaining a clean and adequate water supply in the city. To that end, the FDA has created rules about connections for sewerage and water supplies. Comprehending these regulations is vital for proprietors and contractors engaged in plumbing maintenance.

Basic pay scale chart Salary Increases: Pakistan's Budget 2024-2025

The announcement of Pakistan's federal budget 2024-25 has stirred significant controversy and discussion, particularly regarding salary increases for federal government employees. Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb unveiled an Rs18.877 trillion ($67.76 billion), setting ambitious revenue collection crucial decisions. The basic pay scale chart was announced this year on budget day.

Analyzing the Increase in Income Tax Rates in Pakistan's Budget 2024-25

The fiscal year 2024-25 has brought significant changes in Pakistan's economic geography, particularly concerning income tax rates. The federal budget, unveiled by Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb, introduced new measures to stabilize the economy, including a notable increase in income tax rates. Focusing on tools like the FBR income tax calculator.