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Jade square in Faisalabad

In order to create the ultimate lifestyle destination for the city, Goldfinch Construction Pvt Ltd's Jade square project skillfully blends contemporary architecture with Faisalabad's cosmopolitan character and rich history.


Jade Square put the best building expertise into every project and works to get better every day. They strive to be the best in the industry because the building is where They differ.

Excellent options for sports and relaxation are available right outside your new home, along with high-quality and functional apartments with practical architecture, public areas, and public transportation.

Jade square in Faisalabad spacious, bright condominium homes with sweeping views. Looking at futuristic structures and deciding which ones you might want to shop, eat, and live in served as the inspiration for the design of Jade square. For truly perfect surroundings, a team of internationally renowned design talent took every detail into consideration.


The open living spaces, which have a tasteful natural material palette, offer a cozy contrast to the high ceilings and full-height windows. The rooms' rich tactile quality is enhanced by the hand-selected stone and custom herringbone floors.

Inauguration ceremony

Soon after, the jade square design completion and inauguration ceremony were held. As Faisalabad realtors always feel happy about such types of projects. So Faisalabad realtors recently visited the inauguration ceremony of Jade Square. All members were excited to attend the ceremony as it was the start of the new Faisalabad. All team members reach the inauguration ceremony accompanied by the CEO Faisal Saheem. The authorities were introducing the team.


Following the sitting, the inauguration ceremony began, and the audience was shown the project. Before we continue, let's take a closer look at what Jade square offers the city of Faisalabad.

Take a look at the project

Jade Square is one of the top projects of Faisalabad. Faisalabad is a big city with a great industrial background. There are fewer entertainment opportunities for Faisalabad people.

Jade square will provide the following facilities under one roof.

  •       Commercial outlets
  •       Food courts
  •       Corporate offices
  •       Fine dine
  •       Residential apartments
  •       Luxurious penthouses
  •       Gym and swimming pools

The authorities' efforts to provide high-quality infrastructure and facilities were praised by the team after they were impressed by the development.

Following that, the CEO of Faisalabad Realtors addressed the crowd and discussed the significance of the project for the city of Faisalabad.

  He committed to doing all of the work on this project by hand. It would be a good opportunity to own a property in a well-developed area, he said, and he encouraged people to invest in this project.

Cutting ribbons and making prayers to Allah for the project's success followed the official inauguration ceremony. 

image-6 (1)

All of the guests were then treated to high tea. The team had a great time and went back to their home with renewed courage and hope.

In short jade, the square is a great fit for Faisalabad and it will start a new era for the city. We hope soon we will see it developing. Also, it is a great opportunity for investment .


For more details:

After reading this article now you are aware of the project and its importance. If you need more information about this project you can visit the booking office in Kohinoor office.

Booking office: 79-80 2nd floor Kohinoor one plaza Faisalabad

Contact number: 03041111250

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