Faisalabad Realtors new project with Grand city 


Faisalabad Realtors is one of the leading real estate agencies all over Pakistan. Faisalabad realtors deal with residential, industrial, commercial, and agricultural lands. 

We are a multidisciplinary real estate consultancy and investment company based in Faisalabad. This has been accomplished through our ability to adjust to a shifting competitive environment, our dedication to quality and financial restraint, including the effective use of capital, and our rapid advancement. 


Faisalabad Realtors put a lot of effort into planning for the future. It is our major responsibility to foresee the development of the market position of the respective property. So that our clients would understand the significance of the investment they have made. 

There is a great deal of work that real estate agencies perform behind the scenes that buyers and sellers are not aware of. Faisalabad realtors is the best platform for home for sale in Faisalabad with great ease. 


Moreover, we strive to maintain the international standard of living with our long-lasting Business deals. Our  CEO Muhammad Faisal Saheem continuously inspire and excite us with their portfolio of beautiful buildings. We have progressed and expanded our business significantly because of our firm's financial foundation. 

Faisalabad Realtors new project: Grand City 

When it comes to developing real estate projects Grand city is the one and only name that comes to mind. Everyone's lives depend heavily on their homes, where they live, gather with friends and family, and make investments to increase their wealth. With Grand City's help, your property will gain value. 

After many successful  projects in different cities of Pakistan, Grand city started a developing project in Faisalabad. Faisalabad realtors and Grand city Faisalabad will work on this project to provide a better living style and environment to Faisalabad. 

Let's take a look at the Grand city project: 

Faisalabad is a main hub of textiles and the grand city will add value to Faisalabad.  


Grand city housing society will have the following facilities: 

  • Underground electricity 
  • 160 feet of main roads 
  • Safari park 
  • Rainbow park 
  • Zipline 
  • School 
  • Hospital 
  • Grand masjid 
  • Public park 
  • Commercial market 
  • Community center 
  • Basketball court 
  • Tennis ball court 
  • Water treatment plant 

Real estate in Pakistan has historically been highly successful for Grand City. Grand City is currently making headlines in Pakistan due to its excellent location and amenities. Owners and management of Grand City are working together with a unique vision to create a company. Through this condominium, they hope to provide residents with a sense of safety, privacy, and peace. Our residents enjoy a high standard of living thanks to Grand City's sturdy construction and sophisticated designs. People all over Pakistan are inspired and delighted by Grand City's excellent infrastructure and innovation. Syed Salman and Rehan Bin Waris Gillani are the owners of the privately funded Grand City in Faisalabad project. Grand City's robust financial foundation will guarantee that this project in Faisalabad can grow significantly while its unwavering standards raise the bar for quality. 

Faisalabad Realtors team’s visit the Grand city Faisalabad. 


Muhammad Faisal Saheem decides to visit the site with the entire team after working with Faisalabad Realtors and Grand City for a few days. All team members were prepared to leave the main office  and travel to the site by noon. 

Soon all members reached the grand city Sargodha road Faisalabad. The majestic city welcomes us. We tour the project site with all of the staff members to learn about every aspect of it. The team thoroughly enjoyed themselves while they were there. 

After a day of work, everyone was content to be at the site in the fresh air. As he led us through the project, our CEO Muhammad Saheem Faisal filmed a video. He guided us by the size and scope of the project. The entire team also took pictures while having fun. The team returned to the office after lunch at the site. 


For further Details 

Grand city Faisalabad is one of the biggest projects in Faisalabad. It is a good opportunity to invest and live in a good place. If anyone wants further details related to this project we are here at your  service

Booking office: 79-80 2nd floor Kohinoor one plaza Faisalabad 

Contact number: 03041111250 


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