Have you ever stared at an envelope wondering, "What's my postal code?" Fear not! This guide provides you with the knowledge to find the correct code for your location in Pakistan. We'll also explore specific postal codes for some key cities.  

What is Pakistan's postcode? 

Pakistan uses a 5-digit postal code system to designate specific delivery areas. 

  • Generally speaking, the first two digits indicate the delivery office's province. 
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa codes: 19xxx to 29xxx; Punjab codes: 30xxx to 64xxx;  
  • Sindh codes: 65xxx to 79xxx;  
  • Balochistan codes: 82xxx to 92xx;  
  • values ranging from 44000 to 45320 - Codes 00010 through 12991 for the Islamabad Capital Territory - Azad Jammu and Kashmir (partially administered by Pakistan) 

Important Note: This is a general guideline, and there can be exceptions. It's always best to double-check the specific code for your location. 

  • The last three digits pinpoint the specific delivery office and its surrounding area. This can include a city neighborhood, a town, or a rural area served by that particular post office. 


Efficient Delivery 

Postal codes play a crucial role in ensuring the efficient delivery of mail. By assigning unique codes to specific geographic areas, postal services can accurately pinpoint the destination of each piece of mail right from the start. This enables postal workers to sort and route mail more quickly and accurately, significantly reducing the time it takes to reach its intended recipients. With postal codes, postal workers would be able to identify the correct delivery locations, leading to delays and potential misdeliveries. 

Standardized Addressing 

One of the key benefits of using postal codes is that they contribute to standardized addressing formats throughout the country. Each postal code corresponds to a specific area, allowing senders to provide consistent and easily understandable addresses when mailing letters, packages, or parcels. This standardization ensures that addresses are clear and uniform, regardless of whether the sender is mailing a letter from Karachi or a package from Lahore. As a result, postal workers can quickly interpret and process addresses, further enhancing the efficiency of the postal system. 

Improved Logistics 

Postal codes facilitate streamlined logistics and planning within the postal system. By categorizing geographic areas into distinct postal code zones, postal services can better organize operations, optimize delivery routes, and allocate resources more effectively. Postal codes enable postal authorities to analyze mail volumes, track delivery patterns, and accurately identify areas with high demand. This data-driven approach allows postal services to make informed decisions regarding staffing, transportation, and infrastructure investments, ultimately improving service quality and customer satisfaction. 

In summary, postal codes are indispensable tools that contribute to the postal system's efficiency, standardization, and effectiveness. By facilitating faster and more accurate mail delivery, ensuring standardized addressing formats, and supporting optimized logistics and planning, postal codes play a vital role in enabling seamless communication and commerce across the country. 

Postal Code of My Location 

Unfortunately, we can't magically determine your exact location. However, there are a few ways to find your postal code. In Pakistan, a postal code typically consists of five digits, such as 12345. Here are some ways to find your postal code: 

Online Search: Harness the power of the internet! A quick web search using "[your city name] + Pakistan + postal code" can often yield results. Many websites compile and display postal codes for various Pakistani locations, putting the control in your hands. 

Pakistan Post Website: Visit the Pakistan Post website and explore their postcode directory. A postcode directory is a comprehensive list of all the postal codes in a country or region. This searchable resource allows you to find the code based on your city or area. You can search by city name, area name, or even a specific address to find the correct postal code. 

Local Post Office: Your local post office is more than just a place to send mail. It's a treasure trove of postal information, and the staff is always ready to assist you. They can provide the specific code for your area and answer any questions you might have, ensuring you feel supported in your postal code search.  

Let's determine Some Specific Postal Codes: 

Liaquatabad Postal Code 

Situated in Karachi, Liaquatabad likely falls within the general postal code range of 75900, which covers the broader area. A general postal code range refers to a set of postal codes that cover a larger area, such as a city or a district. However, for those seeking more precision in addressing their mail, it's recommended to use the methods mentioned previously, such as consulting online resources or contacting the local post office. By doing so, residents and senders can obtain the exact postal code specific to their locality within Liaquatabad, ensuring accurate and efficient mail delivery. 

North Nazimabad Postal Code 

North Nazimabad, a prominent residential area in Karachi, boasts its designated postal code, typically around 74600. This unique code serves as a crucial identifier for postal workers, enabling them to efficiently route mail to its intended recipients within North Nazimabad whether sending letters, packages, or parcels, including the correct postal code ensures prompt delivery and minimizes the risk of any delays or misdirection. 

Gulshan Iqbal Postal Code (75300) 

Gulshan Iqbal, a bustling residential and commercial area in Karachi, relies heavily on the code 75300 for efficient mail sorting and delivery. This specific code serves as a crucial identifier for postal workers, enabling them to accurately route mail to its intended recipients within Gulshan Iqbal. 

Accurate Mail Sorting and Delivery 

In a vibrant locality like Gulshan Iqbal, where numerous homes, businesses, and establishments are situated close together, accurate mail sorting and delivery are essential. The postal code 75300 helps postal workers distinguish between different addresses within Gulshan Iqbal, ensuring that each mail reaches its intended destination promptly and without confusion. 

Facilitating Smooth and Timely Delivery 

Whether it's correspondence, bills, or packages, including the correct postal code, 75300, is crucial for facilitating smooth and timely delivery to recipients in Gulshan Iqbal, Karachi. When senders accurately include the postal code in their mail, it streamlines the sorting process at postal facilities, expediting delivery and minimizing the risk of delays or misdelivery. 

Enhancing Communication and Commerce 

The postal code 75300 plays a vital role in facilitating communication and commerce within Gulshan Iqbal by ensuring accurate mail delivery. Residents and businesses can rely on the postal system to receive important correspondence, bills, and packages promptly, enabling them to stay connected and conduct their affairs efficiently. 

In summary, the postal code 75300 is an essential component of the postal infrastructure in Gulshan Iqbal, Karachi. It enables accurate sorting and delivery of mail, contributes to smooth and timely delivery to recipients, and enhances communication and commerce within the bustling locality. Including the correct postal code on mail destined for Gulshan Iqbal is imperative for ensuring seamless mail delivery and fostering a well-connected community. 

Jhelum Zip Code 

Jhelum, a city in Punjab, utilizes a postal code range of 44000 to 44099. This range encompasses various localities and neighborhoods within Jhelum, providing unique identifiers for efficient mail processing and delivery. Whether sending mail to residential addresses, businesses, or government offices in Jhelum, including the appropriate postal code ensures that mail reaches its destination without complications. 

By utilizing the specific postal codes outlined for each area, residents and senders can easily navigate the postal system, ensuring that their mail reaches its intended recipients accurately and promptly. Whether in Karachi or Jhelum, including the correct postal code is essential for successful mail delivery, helping streamline the process and minimizing potential delays or errors. 

Postal Code Location Search for Other Cities: 

Gujrat Postal Code 

Gujrat, a bustling city in Punjab, Pakistan, boasts a range of postal codes typically falling between 40000 and 40999. These codes serve as unique identifiers for different neighborhoods and localities within Gujarat. When addressing mail to Gujrat, including the appropriate postal code ensures efficient sorting and delivery to the intended recipient, minimizing the risk of any delays or misdirection. 

Johar Town Postal Code 

Johar Town, situated in Karachi, is renowned for its lively atmosphere and bustling streets. The postal codes for Johar Town typically range from 75200 to 75299, varying based on the specific locality within the area. Including the correct postal code in the mail intended for Johar Town is crucial, as it ensures precise routing and punctual delivery to residents and businesses within this vibrant and dynamic neighborhood. Whether letters, parcels, or packages, the accurate postal code streamlines the sorting process. It facilitates efficient mail delivery and contributes to seamless communication and commerce within Johar Town, Karachi. 

Malir Postal Code 

Malir, a suburb of Karachi, has postal codes that can vary depending on the specific area or locality. It's important to note that there might be multiple postal codes for a single area, especially if the area is large or densely populated. The postal code for Malir could range from 75000 to 75999. To obtain the precise postal code for a particular address or neighborhood within Malir, individuals can utilize the search methods mentioned earlier, such as consulting online resources or contacting the local post office. This ensures accurate addressing and facilitates smooth mail delivery to recipients in Malir. 

Sahiwal Postal Code 

Pakistan employs a 5-digit system for targeted mail delivery, unlike having one national postcode. Sahiwal, a thriving city in Punjab province, utilizes postal codes that typically fall from 60000 to 60999. These codes are critical in ensuring your mail reaches its intended recipient promptly and efficiently. 

Imagine Sahiwal as a vast tapestry woven with diverse neighborhoods, bustling business districts, and essential government offices. Each area possesses its unique postal code within the 60000-60999 range. When sending a letter to your aunt's residence in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, for instance, including the precise code (which might be different from another neighborhood) acts as a vital sorting mechanism. The first two digits of the code likely correspond to Punjab province, while the remaining digits pinpoint the specific delivery office responsible for Gulshan-e-Iqbal. This ensures your letter bypasses unnecessary sorting centers and heads straight for the designated post office, expediting delivery. 

Using the correct postal code isn't just beneficial for personal mail; it's equally important for businesses and government entities. Whether you're a business owner sending invoices or a government department distributing official documents, the accurate Sahiwal postal code guarantees targeted delivery within the city. This streamlines operations and minimizes the risk of delays or misdirected mail. 

So, the next time you send mail within Sahiwal, remember the magic of postal codes! These seemingly simple numbers are a powerful tool for the Pakistani postal system, ensuring your message reaches its destination swiftly and efficiently. By including the appropriate code within the 60000-60999 range, you're contributing to a well-oiled system that keeps Sahiwal connected. 

Chichawatni Postal Code 

Chichawatni, another city in the Punjab province, typically has postal codes ranging from 60000 to 60999. These codes serve as essential identifiers for different areas and localities within Chichawatni. Including the correct postal code on mail destined for Chichawatni ensures accurate processing and delivery, helping streamline the mail delivery process and minimizing potential delays or errors. 

Individuals can ensure accurate addressing and efficient mail delivery to recipients in Gujrat, Karachi, Sahiwal, Chichawatni, and beyond by utilizing the specific postal codes for each area. Including the correct postal code on mail facilitates smooth processing and helps postal workers route mail to its intended destination accurately and promptly. 

Remember, including the correct postal code on your mail is not just a suggestion, it's a responsibility. It's essential for a smooth and swift delivery experience within Pakistan. So, the next time you're sending a letter or package, take a moment to find the right code and ensure your message reaches its destination efficiently. 


No more confusion! This guide has equipped you with the knowledge and tools to find the exact postal code for your location in Pakistan. However, please note that postal codes can change over time due to various reasons. If you come across any changes or updates in the postal codes, we encourage you to share the information with us or the local post office. By following the tips provided, you can ensure your mail is delivered swiftly and efficiently throughout the country. There are many other postal codes like Faisalabad postal code , Karachi postal code & Islamabad postal code. 


1. How can I find the postal code for my location in Pakistan? 

There are three ways to find your postal code: 

  • Conduct a web search using "your city name + Pakistan + postal code." 
  • Visit the Pakistan Post website and explore their postcode directory. 
  • Head to your local post office for assistance. 

2. What is the postal code for Liaquatabad, Karachi? 

Liaquatabad likely falls within the general postal code range of 75900. However, for more precise addressing, use the above-mentioned methods to obtain the exact code for your locality within Liaquatabad. 

3. What is the postal code for North Nazimabad, Karachi? 

North Nazimabad typically uses the postal code around 74600. 

4. What is the postal code for Gulshan Iqbal, Karachi? 

Homes and establishments in Gulshan Iqbal generally utilize the postal code 75300. 

5. What is the postal code for Jhelum City? 

Jhelum utilizes the postal code range of 44000 to 44099. 

6. What are some postal codes for other cities mentioned in the guide? 

  • Gujrat: 40000 to 40999 
  • Johar Town, Karachi: 75200 to 75299 
  • Malir, Karachi: 75000 to 75999 (varies by area) 
  • Sahiwal: 60000 to 60999 
  • Chichawatni: 60000 to 60999 


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