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By the Grace of Almighty Allah and with a strong belief in the "DISTRIBUTION OF BUSINESS ACTIVITY" into different localities of the city, which will meet the economic needs of business and give the neighborhood easy access to goods, services, and entertaining opportunities, as well as Social interaction forums, right outside their door.
With the help of Mr.dot Ch Manzoor Ahmed, the chairperson of "DATA DEVELOPERS," we are now going to explore a new concept in "Shopping Malls," starting with an exceptional concept of diversity through our upcoming Project named "MISAQ UL MALL," which will feature a wide variety of luxury flagship stores and fun and action-packed amenities like a play area, bowling alley, and gym. From the enticing local and international cuisine of the food court to the cutting-edge fashion and lifestyle concepts of the shops, MISAQ UL MALL will offer customers a thorough and dynamic shopping experience with outstanding ambiance specifically tailored for each family member.
Misaq Ul Mall is the name of the concept to include all age groups and provide complete family entertainment as a one-stop shopping location due to its enormous size. With easy access to all floors via electric escalators, it will offer convenient ground-floor parking. The spacious lobby areas will be comfortable places to sit while shopping, and a one-of-a-kind, largest-ever kids play area in Faisalabad will draw kids in with imaginative and fun games.
The historic and well-served neighborhood where MISAQ UL MALL is located is in the city's center. It is conveniently located near a proposed metro bus project and is reachable by public transportation. The introduction of the Operational TEAM by the management of MISAQ UL MALL demonstrates their dedication to creating the New Dimensions with an extremely alluring plan for their Investors to receive the greatest returns on their investments.

At Misaq ul Mall, there is something for everyone, and this is not enough. The teens and kids can have fun in the entertainment and gaming area that is being built on the second floor, while the adults can explore the shopping area. Those who desire to lead an active lifestyle can always benefit from the gym, which is outfitted with the most cutting-edge exercise and fitness equipment and a competent staff with trainers to assist you every step of the way. Families can enjoy mouthwatering specialties from all over the world in the food court of the Misaq ul Mall because we strive to bring culinary franchises from various regions of the world.

Parking cars:
One of Misaq ul Mall's most valuable features is its ground floor parking, which can hold up to 488 vehicles and makes it convenient for investors and customers. Every visitor will therefore be able to park their car right in front of the store where they intend to make a purchase. Additionally, there is disabled parking available in this parking area.

a food court.
A family-friendly food court is another feature of Misaq ul Mall. It offers tantalizing dining options. Through the various restaurants that serve visitors ethnic delicacies, we are introducing cuisines from all over the world. This includes Mr. Dottie Cod bringing fish and chips to their guests' plates and the Taj Mahal Restaurant serving opulent Asian cuisine. The food court will also offer a wide variety of other delectable options for the public and offer nutritious food that has been prepared to the highest standards.

Professional gym:
One of the highlights of Misaq ul Mall is its extensive wellness center, which is outfitted with cutting-edge technological amenities. It aims to support people in bettering their quality of life and making positive changes to their way of life. The team of instructors here is made up of experts in the pertinent fields who are qualified to instruct and help people about making the best decisions. We want everyone to have access to health and fitness.

a Super Mart.
The "Super Market" will feature a distinctive layout and a wide variety of goods that are provided here at affordable prices. It will be located on the lower ground level of Misaq ul Mall. For the convenience of the customers, the store will have various sections, and prices will be updated weekly to guarantee the best deals. This supermarket will raise industry standards and will be a wonderful addition to the city's retail area.

Lobbies that are roomy:
The Misaq ul Mall's lobbies have an uncluttered appearance that is free of wires and alive with activity. They have calming furnishings and include fountains, which enhance the aesthetic appeal of the area. Visitors feel at ease the moment they enter the mall thanks to the welcoming running themes in the lobby areas.

Elevators and auto escalators:
To make it easier for customers to move around the mall, Misaq ul Mall is well-equipped with elevators and automatic escalators. Power generators will be used to support these cutting-edge escalators and elevators in order to maintain their functionality.




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